Calculating EMI for a personal loan balance

For calculating the personal loan balance transfer EMI, you will need the following details:
• Loan amount
• Loan tenure (in months)
• EMI already paid
• EMI to be paid
• Interest rates

Particulars Existing Loan New Loan
Outstanding Balance 500000 450323
Interest Rate (p.a) 18% 12.00%
Remaining Loan Tenure (months) 48 Month 48 Month
Monthly EMI Payable Rs 12967 Rs 11859
Difference in EMI Payable Rs. 1108
Total Interest Payable Rs 622416 Rs 569232
Wow Total Savings Rs. 53184

Compare personal loan interest rates of all prominent banks

One of the critical deciding factors of any personal loan is interest rates. There are plenty of options available in the market, so you must understand its benefits and flaws before deciding.

A lender charges an interest rate to a borrower for which the personal loan is given. It is expressed in percentage, and the number is directly proportional to the risks involved with the borrower. In addition, the personal loan rate of interest is annual but can be applied over different periods, such as monthly, quarterly, or semi-yearly.

So, we're providing you with a table for comparison among the best personal loan in India at the lowest personal loan interest rate featuring all renowned banks/NBFC of India, such as ICICI Bank Personal Loan, Axis Bank Personal Loan, TATA Capital Personal Loan, HDFC Bank Personal Loan, Yes Bank Personal Loan, MoneyView Personal Loan , IDFC Personal Loan , InCred Personal Loan and many more.

Bank & NBFC Interest Rates Per Lac EMI
HDFC Bank Personal Loan 11.00%* Onwards Rs. 2,174 Onwards Apply Now
Moneyview Personal Loan 16.00%* Onwards Rs. 2,431 Onwards Apply Now
Tata Capital Personal Loan 10.99%* Onwards Rs. 2,149 Onwards Apply Now
IDFC First Bank Personal Loan 10.75% - 22% Rs. 2,149 - Rs. 2,762 Apply Now
Finnable Personal Loan 15%* Onwards Rs. 2,379 Onwards Apply Now
Paysense Personal Loan 17.00% -27.6 % Rs. 2,485 - Rs. 3,090 Apply Now
TATA Capital Personal Loan 10.99%* Onwards Rs.1,903 Onwards Apply Now
Yes Bank Personal Loan 10.99% - 25% Rs. 1,903 - Rs.2,877 Apply Now
Indiabulls Personal Loan 13.99%* Onwards Rs. 2,326 Onwards Apply Now
Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan 12.99%* Onwards Rs. 2,275 Onwards Apply Now
Standard Chartered Personal Loan 11.49%* Onwards Rs. 2,199 Onwards Apply Now

Key Benefits of Personal Loan Balance Transfer

The highlights of a personal loan balance transfer are:

Better interest rates

If the current interest rate is becoming a burden to your monthly budget, then opt for a balance transfer facility, where you can repay the remaining loan with affordable interest rates. To find the best affordable interest rates, visit

Lower monthly EMI

You reduce your payable interest rate and the EMI by opting to transfer your existing personal loan.

Revised repayment tenure

When applying for a balance transfer, either of the two things happens: lower the EMI and revise the repayment tenor or shorten the loan tenor to repay the loan faster.

Top up facility

If you have an existing personal loan but require urgent funds, you can apply for a top-up loan facility and the balance transfer. The top-up facility is mainly used to pay the education expenses or daily expenses.

Key points to acknowledge while applying for a personal loan transfer .

Tenure unchanged

Reduce EMIs & save for the future.

EMI amount unchanged

Reduce your loan tenure and settle the loan in lesser time.

Maximum tenure

It reduces the monthly instalments, i.e., EMIs.

Reduced EMI

Save money with decreased monthly instalments

Personal Loan Balance Transfer Process

For switching your lenders to repay a personal loan, you can do the following:

Check your existing personal loan agreement and see whether you're eligible for a balance transfer.

Search for a new bank or lender offering you a loan with lower interest rates on, where the new bank is ready to provide you with a lower interest rate with your comfort.

Later, compare the new personal loan rate of interest with the existing one and see are you getting the benefits from it or not?

Complete the documentation and get a letter from the current bank specifying the outstanding loan amount.

Submit documents to the new lender.

After the approval, pay EMI to your bank with lower interest rates. .

Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan Balance Transfer

To avail of the personal loan balance transfer facility, you must stand out with the essential eligibility criteria and mainly the borrower's capacity to repay the loan amount.
Also, there are certain charges that the new and the existing bank charges to carry forward the balance transfer process. Thus, the costs include:
• The application charge/ initial processing fee (non-refundable)
• Processing and administrative fee
• Technical /valuation charge
• Legal /title charge
• Stamp paper/franking fee on the loan agreement
• Notary charge
• Property insurance charge
• Certain charge
• Loan insurance charge

Salaried & Self Employed

You must be a salaried employee of any private limited company or public sector undertaking or self-employed with a minimum turnover as per the current policy.


You must be between 21 to 60 years of age.

Minimum Income

You must have a minimum salary of INR 25,000 in case you reside in Mumbai/Delhi or INR 20,000 for rest of India.


You must have a at least 1 year of work experience.

CIBIL score

You must have a CIBIL score of at least 750.

Terms and Conditions

You can opt for an EMI of a maximum 65%, as a percentage of your income subject to specific terms and conditions.

Fees and Charges of All Major Banks

The list of charges that you need to pay for a home loan are as follows:

  • Application Charge/ Initial Processing fee – Non-refundable
  • Processing fee
  • Administrative fee
  • Technical /Valuation Charge
  • Legal /Title Charge
  • Stamp Paper/Franking fee on the loan agreement
  • Notary Charge
  • Property Insurance Charge
  • Cersai Charge
  • Loan Insurance Charge

Banks/NBFC Name Processing Fees Prepayment Charges
HDFC Personal Loan Transfer Upto ₹4999/- Processing Fees 2%* - 4%* + GST of O/S Amount
MoneyView Personal Loan Transfer 2%* + GST of the Loan Amount NIL
IDFC First Bank Personal Loan Transfer 3.5%* Onwards 5% + GST of O/S Amount
Finnable Personal Loan Transfer 4%* + GST of the Loan Amount 3%* -6%* + GST of O/S Amount
Paysense Personal Loan Transfer 2.5% + GST of the Loan Amount 2%* - 6%* + GST of O/S Amount
TATA Capital Personal Loan Transfer 2.75%* + GST of the Loan Amount 2.5%* + Applicable Taxes
Yes Bank Personal Loan Transfer 2.5% + GST of the Loan Amount Upto 4%* of the O/S Amount
Indiabulls Personal Loan Transfer 3%* + GST of the Loan Amount 3%*- 5%* of the O/S Amount
Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan Transfer 2%* Onwards 2%* - 4%* O/S Amount
Standard Chartered Personal Loan Transfer 2.25%* + GST of the Loan Amount 5%* of the O/S Amount

List of Documents for Personal Loan Balance Transfer

When you apply for balance transfer, it's almost like applying for a new loan. Therefore, you might have to submit all the documents that you may have submitted with the old lender. Take a look at some of the key documents required to apply for balance transfer:

Complete The Form

Completed appliction form for balance transfer of Personal loan.


Applicant's latest passport-size photographs.

Identity Proof

1. Address Proof
2. Age Proof
3. Income Proof

4.Age proof

1. Birth certificate
2. 10th marksheet
3. Driving license
4. PAN
5. Voter ID

Address Proof

1. Aadhar Card
2. Voter ID
3. Driving license
4. Passport

Income proof

1. Bank statements
2. salary slips
3. Form-16
4. IT returns

Letter of Consent

Documents related to existing loan including a letter of consent.

Outstanding Letter

1. Sanction Letter
2. Statment of Account
3. List of Orginal Document