Occasions When Personal Loan Can Come For Your Rescue!

About Personal Loan

Personal loan is an unsecured loan for fulfilling your Short term financial needs. No security or collateral required for availing a personal loan. You can use funds for any of your personal use other than Investment like Vacation, wedding, Medical requirement, home renovation, education and others. We offer fastest personal loans at best rate.

We will guide you to know which are financial institution which are offering Personal Loans, what are the eligibility criteria, rates of interest offered by financial institution & Compare them, what’s are the Step & process, documents required , Charges you have to Pay to Financial institution , help you taking decision in transferring the loans also.

Purpose of Personal Loan

When you are short of cash & need short term fund, personal loan is a right kind of help for you to achieve all your aspirations and goals. It could help you exactly at the time when you need it. Take a look at these good reasons to get a personal loan and get a better understanding on personal Loan.

1. Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies are inevitable, and every person has to face such critical situations in his lifetime. The loan companies provide you easy loans for the uncertain medical emergencies. You could get easy and instant loans to fulfill all the expenses of your uncertain and unexpected medical emergencies which are to be satisfied immediately.

2. Wedding Purpose

Marriage is one of the most important days for the groom as well as the bride. And that day could become special as you dreamed about it with the help of our personal loan option. Easy finance is available for the wedding purpose to celebrate your dream wedding. Get all the solution for your marriage financial issue from Loans4you.in

3. Abroad Travel

Traveling abroad is the experience everyone dreams to have. But sometimes it becomes a financial issue for many families. And at that point in time, you could easily get financial help from us for your uninterrupted and for a great traveling experience to abroad.

4. Child Education

We provide you with the finance for your child’s higher education. It’s just our way to provide right tool to every potential child. Well, you could easily get a personal loan for your child’s higher education and in this way, a platform could be provided to your child in the way of success.

5. Debt Consolidation

If you are juggling too many loans or credit card, personal loan is best option to consolidate your debt. By doing this you can reduce your financial burden, improve your financial disciple & saving. When you are consolidate your debt into Single EMI it reduce your EMI burden and interest that your are paying.

6. Margin Money

You can take a personal loan to fund your margin money for home or car. But before applying for it you have to check your eligibility. Your Home/Car loan eligibility might get affected by taking personal loan. Also rate of interest of personal loan is higher as compare to Housing Loan. Moreover, you need to assess your income to ensure that you can service both loans.

7. Balance Transfer

This allows you to transfer the balance on your current personal loan to a new loan structure with new Bank. We normal transfer the Loan from one bank/NBFC to reduce the present higher rate with Bank/HFC, Service Issue or Enhancement of loans.

8. Balance Transfer plus Top-Up

Top-up loan is provided by financial institutions to borrow eligible amount of money over & above your personal loan which you can use to meet your personal expenses.

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Features of Personal Loan

Lowest Interest Rate

We Help your Personal Loan Applicantion to get lowest rate of interest. Low EMI & Low Interest Rates from Top Banks of India. Compare & Apply.

Service at your Doorstep

No need to Vist Bank for your Personal Loan. We will do it for you. We will arrange Bank Person to visit you at convenience so that you have time for other work.

Easy Repayment

Taking Personal Loan involves a lot of research and running around to know more about Payment option. We will make this simple and easy for you.

Prepayment Penalties

You can pre-close your Personal loan by paying Prepayment Charges from Nil to 5% p.a. of the outstanding principal amount + applicable GST However it varies from bank to bank.

Maximum Personal loan Eligibility

Why to go for less. We offer maximum Personal Loan eligibility to fulfill your dream & requirement.

  1. Aged between 21-60 years.
  2. Minimum 2 years of total work experience with regular source of income.
  3. Minimum Rs 15000/- Monthly Salary with bank credit.

Tax Benefit

Indian Income Tax Act doesn’t allow any tax deduction or exemption on personal loans.

Documents for Personal loan

We only need some basic documents to process your Loan. Here’s a handy guide to keep in mind.

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