DDA Housing Schemes

Stamp Duty Charges

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) was founded in 1957 under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) to develop Delhi systematically and avoid the arbitrary growth of Delhi due to the increase in population. The planning authority undertook housing, offices, other commercial lands, and land management.

In addition, DDA also accounts for providing basic facilities like roads, bridges, water reservoirs, community & sports centres & more.

The DDA housing scheme started in 1967 when the original idea was to construct the houses with essential convenience such as electricity & water facilities, sewage disposal, & minimal infrastructure.

The authorities were stunned by the appreciation & acceptance of the project. Thus, the DDA Housing Scheme gets updated as per the requirements by valuing the public response.

So, now you have residential places for each stratum of pyramid-like Low Income Group (LIG), Middle Income Group (MIG) and High Income Group (HIG) in areas like Narela, Dwarka, Vasant Kunj & more.

Following the rhythm, it’s time to highlight the details of the DDA housing scheme, such as eligibility, registration etc. So, stay tuned to the end.

How can I apply for the DDA housing scheme?

• The applicant must be an Indian citizen and over 18 years of age.
• Before applying, the candidate must secure a bank account & PAN Card if not.
• The applicant must not own any residential land of 67 sq m in Delhi & its nearby areas.
• Spouses can also apply differently.
• However, only a single plot will be allotted if both applications get approved. Plus, spouses can also apply under the joint application system.
• If applying under the EWS category, the annual income must not exceed more than Rs. Three lakhs and the livelihood income Rs. Ten lakhs.

How to apply for DDA Housing flats?

There is a three-step process for applying the DDA flats: documentation, online application submission, & payment.

Documents required for DDA Housing Scheme are:

• PAN Card or Aadhar Number linked with the bank account.
• The applicant’s signature is required up to 50kb in size.
• Applicant’s passport size photograph is mandatory up to 50kb in size.
• If the applicant is under a joint application program, then the signature & photograph of both applicants are mandatory up to 50 kb in size.

Step-wise process for online DDA housing application

• Visit the DDA housing website dda.org.in
• Register yourself by entering the essential credentials.
• A user ID & passwords will be sent to the registered e-mail.
• Access the online application form with the user Id & password.
• Fill in the application form with the required details & upload the photographs & ask for documents.
• The screen will show you the submission date, application number, & registration fees.
• Secure the payment with any given options and collect the payment receipt.

What is the procedure of DDA flat allotment?

The DDA flat allotment is purely a programmed process & it has the following stages:

1. Randomization of candidates & flats
Random numbers are put on the flats & applicants & are called cross-reference for apartments & applicants, respectively. Later the numbers are confirmed by the judges that they are randomized.

2. Random picking up lucky numbers
Boxes are allotted the number ranging from 0 to 9 & put in front of the judges. The box number series depends upon the number of DDA flats & entries. The judges randomly pick up one coin from each box, and the number picked out from each box is called the lucky number of candidates & a lucky number of flats, respectively.

3. Mapping
The lucky numbers are listed on the paper & authorized by the judges. Next, the numbers are fitted into the system & the systems carry forward the allotment. However, the ground floor is reserved only for disabled candidates.

How to make payments for DDA flats?

After the allotment of flats, you have to pay the amount within three months of the allotment via RTGS/ NEFT/ Net banking in the following ways:

1. RTGS/ NEFT/ Net banking through the identified person’s account.
2. Through instalments (if allowed).
3. Through housing loan assisted by mortgaging the flat to DDA.

What about the DDA flats refund?

After cancelling the DDA flat, you can only ask for refunds in the following situations:

• There is no refund for cancelling the flat from the draw date to the 15th day of the allotment.
• 10% of the application fee is refunded if the DDA flat is cancelled from the 16th till the 30th allotment day.
• If the DDA flat is cancelled from the 31st till the 90th day of the allotment/demand letter, 50% of the application amount is refundable.
• After completion of 3 months from the issue of the allotment, 100% of the application fee is refunded.

DDA Housing Scheme 2021-22

The DDA has put around 18k flats for sale in different locations of Delhi such as Dwarka, Rohini, Jasola, Narela & more.

In the total of 18ooo flats, the approximate distribution is as follows: • Two hundred five flats for HIG.
• 976 apartments for MIG.
• 11,452 apartments for LIG.
• 5702 flats for EWS/Janata category.

In addition, the authority will also include some of the surrendered flats from the primitive years so the numbers can go high.